Alloys and Semi-Finished Products

Our materials are able to withstand heavy mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses, sometimes all three simultaneously. They often assist in bringing new ideas and concepts into reality. In this way, our alloys create possibilities for future-oriented, resource-saving and environmentally-friendly construction and solutions. Find out more!

Materials information and data sheets

Are you searching for a specific material? Not a problem. Here, you will find all alloys that we produce, including the relevant data sheets (subject to availability). You can filter our portfolio very simply by type of material, field of application and product form to obtain a quick and uncomplicated overview.

Delivery forms and dimensions

Strip, sheet and plate, rods and bars, billets, special shapes and welding consumables are produced at our plants in Germany (Altena, Siegen, Unna, Werdohl) and the United States (Florham Park, New Jersey and Reno, Nevada). All semi-finished products are hot or cold processed, heat treated and descaled.

Our products are manufactured to contract specifications according to international standards using state of the art equipment.

Find out which products we are able to manufacture in what dimensions.

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