Whether wire is used for supply lines in the offshore industry or for catalysts in disinfection technology, VDM Metals has a very comprehensive and highly diversified portfolio of special wires for the investment and consumer goods industries.

Product forms

Wires made by VDM Metals are available in the following product shapes:

  • Rolled wire in diameters of 5.5 mm to 16 mm (0.217-0.630 inches)
  • Drawn wire in diameters of 1.5 mm to 12 mm (0.059-0.472 inches)
  • Fine wire in diameters of 0.10 mm to 1.50 mm (0.004-0.059 inches)
  • Flat wire with minimum cross-section of 0.04 x 0.20 mm, max. cross-section of 2.50 x 6.00 mm
    (0.002 x 0.008 inches resp. 0.098 x 0.354 inches)


Our wires have applications in the following industries:

Electrical industry

Heat conducting and resistance wires, heating elements, starting and braking resistors, electrodes made of nickel mesh, power supply pins, contact pins


Contact Pins for glass sealing applications, tube pins and anode buttons

Automotive manufacturing

Flat and round wires for spark plugs, fine wire for coatings and mesh (exhaust gas catalytic converters and air bags)

Plant construction

Core wires for arc welding electrodes, metre rods for TIG welding, wire electrodes for MIG welding, furnace conveyor belts, mesh and coatings for filters and burner hemispheres, fastening elements, wirelines for deep drilling and wires for consumables and consumer goods.

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Quality control

Wires made by VDM Metals pass through especially stringent quality control. At a very early stage, we established quality assurance as the overriding principle and developed it into a quality management system with in-process checks and inspections. This is closely linked to our continuous improvement processes for optimising all operating procedures.