Corporate Responsibility

The materials made by VDM Metals enable many different industries to operate efficient and resource-saving processes. Even so, sustainable practices are not merely an adjunct to our core business. At VDM Metals, we are committed to our corporate responsibility.

Occupational Health

A company health-care policy contributes towards employee-oriented corporate governance and is therefore an integral part of VDM Metals’ corporate strategy. Healthy and motivated employees are VDM Metals GmbH's most important asset, and they make important contributions to the company's success every single day. Such a situation can only be achieved and maintained where there is mutual respect and recognition.

Our objective for the future is to grasp the demographic change as an opportunity and turn it to good account, recognizing the potential of older employees and thus creating generation-spanning synergies in the field of knowledge management. Modern working life places high demands on employees. Investing in skills, qualifications and health programmes must therefore be accorded top priority so as to counteract the absenteeism and reduced fitness for work resulting from the demographic change. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to find skilled personnel and to adequately prepare both the technical and managerial staff for the person-to-person interfaces that the tasks of the future will involve. Work intensification, increasing stress, and job insecurity in times of change are taking an increasing toll on psychological health. Working against this will be one of the key tasks of the corporate health management.

Maintaining an employee-oriented corporate culture, establishing a health-conducive style of leadership, promoting trust in the organization and social networks, keeping a healthy work-life balance, conducting regular employee surveys, training managerial staff and seeking face-to-face dialogue with employees are the tasks linked to a future- and employee-oriented health policy.

The vision of a health policy as part of the mission statement constitutes an essential element of corporate health management. Here, VDM Metals has committed itself to promoting organizational structures and processes in its corporate health management that make health-conducive behavior possible for the employees. This is done on the basis of health-conducive job design and organizational development in the context of corporate health management.

Environment and Energy

We are certified by EcoVadis, a sustainability rating platform for global procurement chains. Within the EcoVadis process, scorecards are used to rate and monitor the environmental, ethical, and social practices of suppliers and business partners.

For VDM Metals, environmentally and energy-oriented company management is not just a contribution towards environment protection and the conservation of resources, but it is also a means of helping the company to thrive in the long term.

VDM Metals endeavors to prevent the company from causing harm to the environment. Where harmful environmental incidents occur, potential harm to the environment is kept to a minimum with safety precautions.This also includes cooperation with the competent authorities in a spirit of trust.

In particular, to reduce water and air pollution at all its locations, VDM Metals conducts cost-benefit analyses to identify the best available methods and techniques for this purpose. The same applies to energy consumption.

The limits specified by statutory regulations are treated as minimum requirements. In connection with ongoing improvement of in-plant environmental protection, the company aspires to higher standards of environmental protection. In this context, both existing and future processes, products and other activities are considered with a view to their potential for reducing environmental impacts and conserving resources.

To ensure continuous improvement in our corporate objectives regarding environmental protection, the environmental and energy management system is reviewed at regular intervals and adjusted as required.

We are aiming to reduce energy consumption in the long term, use energy sparingly and enhance our energy efficiency in a continuous improvement process.

Occupational Safety


Occupational safety and health are an important aspect of our corporate culture and, alongside production and the high product quality, are accorded equal status as a corporate goal.

VDM Metals protects its workforce through the responsible action of its entire managerial staff, fosters technical expertise and job satisfaction, and thus ensures its business success. The provisions of the law are considered the minimum requirement. Through continuous improvement, the company aspires to a high standard of occupational safety and health.

With consistent prevention efforts, VDM Metals reduces possible risks and incidents within and outside the plant to a minimum. This also entails supportive and trusting cooperation among everyone concerned within and outside the plant.

To this end, not only present processes, products and other activities, but also future ones are investigated in terms of safe operations.

To ensure continuous improvement of occupational safety, the health and safety management system and the goals and measures defined therein are reviewed at regular intervals and continuously updated.

The company accepts shared responsibility and is uncompromising in its zero tolerance toward unsafe modes of behavior.

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Compliance / Code of Conduct


At VDM Metals compliance means adherence to legal regulations and observance of our code of conduct and company policies.

At VDM Metals, we are also committed to compliance with national and international regulations. Observance of applicable laws and regulations is the foundation of economically responsible action for us. Trust, responsibility and reliability are an essential part of our corporate culture.

Our code of conduct summarizes the most important codes of conduct in one document. It regulates conduct within the work environment as well as proper behavior towards colleagues and employees. It also emphasizes prevention of corruption and anticompetitive practices, handling of criticalbusiness information, quality assurance and our social responsibility.

If you intend to give a hint on compliance issues, please use our whistleblower-tool.

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Quality serves as a major contribution to the continual and successful development of VDM metals.

Our products are used in highly demanding environments. Absolute perfection and conformity starting at the suppliers across the entire value-creation chain at VDM through to customers is essential to our success.

Continual improvement is a core element of the way we do business. In doing so, we pay attention to product attributes, company processes and management systems, opportunities/risks, usage of resources, effects on the environment, and employee skills.

The knowledge of our employees of technologies and applications, as well as their experience in development and production enable economi­cally successful innovations. We actively integrate suppliers and customers as development partners.

VDM is characterized by outstanding technical consultancy skills, thorough analysis, and strict implementation of requirements on an industrial scale.

Our operational excellence is based on quantitative analysis of data and information, measurable success criteria (“quality objectives”) and consistent implementation. We deploy powerful methods andcontinually develop these in harmony with technological advancements.

We work according to an open “error culture” and thus promote transparency across our services

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