Cobalt alloys

Cobalt alloys

Cobalt alloys

Cobalt alloys maintain their excellent high-temperature strength up to 1,150 °C (2,100 °F) ; they also possess outstanding oxidation resistance due to their chromium content.

Our VDM® Alloy 25 and VDM® Alloy 188 cobalt-based alloys are part of our group of superalloys, which distinguishes itself with high corrosion resistance and high temperature strength. They are especially well suited for use in highly corrosive environments. Common areas of application are turbines, both stationary as well as in aircraft.

Materials information and data sheets

Have we sparked your interest? Here, you will find all the alloys in our production, including their relevant data sheets (subject to availability). You can filter our portfolio very simply by type of material, field of application and product form to obtain a quick and uncomplicated overview.

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