Supplier management

Supplier management

Supplier management

To provide assurance and optimize the quality of the products and services delivered by VDM Metals GmbH, we undertake regular strategic evaluations of our suppliers and service providers.

The evaluation process applies uniform criteria to measure the performance of our suppliers and service providers in the categories of purchasing, quality, logistics and performance. The evaluation is performed by an evaluation team. Individual results are aggregated into the overall result for each supplier or service provider. This forms the basis for classification into one of three performance ratings:

A / Preferred supplier/service provider: 90% to 100%

B / Accepted supplier/service provider: 70% to 89.9%

C / Restricted supplier/service provider: 0 to 69.9 points

Through this evaluation process, our desire is to provide active support for suppliers and service providers and to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses to enable them to develop further. In this way, we seek to optimize our cooperation with you.

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