Engineered Solutions

The Engineered Solutions department of VDM Metals offers extensive technical services with custom products of aluminum, copper and copper alloys as well as specialty brass and nickel materials. These services encompass the classic area of technical project management, advising customers on part development from VDM Metals nickel materials and non-ferrous metals, worldwide sourcing, quality management and logistics. VDM Metals supports its customers in creating custom parts and standard parts, from small series to mass production. From the initial sample test report to order-picking and shipping. Engineered Solutions also deals worldwide in the listed non-ferrous metals.

Engineering sparring partner

VDM Engineered Solutions distinguishes itself with the complex services it offers, while acting as an interface between the end customer, supplier and service provider. 

In addition to providing advice on material questions, our employees are highly qualified sparring partners for the design of parts in mechanical engineering, railway technology, the refractory industry and other fields of industry.

The department evaluates the technical manufacturing feasibility, cost-efficient production and dimensioning of the parts based on existing drawings and adapts the designs, if necessary, in consultation with the customer. VDM Engineered Solutions then manages the entire manufacturing chain and certifies new suppliers. Quality inspections and initial sample test reports can also be provided by our engineering site. We offer customer-specific logistics solutions, always with an eye on meeting your scheduling, quality and pricing requirements. 

Our service portfolio from planning to just-in-time deliveries

Questions about applications

We offer technical support in questions concerning the development of your products from our nickel materials and non-ferrous metals as well as their properties.

Questions about selection of materials

The selection of the most suitable material often presents a formidable challenge. We offer support for you in defining the correct specifications for each application.

Questions about subsequent processing

Whatever you may be planning, our experts with their metallurgical background will answer your questions on the subsequent processing of our materials, for example about hot or cold forming, surface finishing, heat treatment, separation, cutting or die cutting.

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