Bars and Billets

We can offer our rod and bar products in the following dimensions. Please note that special properties/limitations specific to the material may apply. If your preferred dimensions are not listed, please get in touch. We will check for technical feasibility or arrange for alternatives.

Round material made in Germany

Diameter: 6-600 mm

Length 1,500 - 12,000 mm

Delivery condition: forged, rolled, drawn, heat-treated, oxidised, de-scaled or pickled, twisted, peeled, ground or polished.

Billets made in Germany

We can also supply you with our rod material in the form of billets in diameters of ≥ 65 mm. We will be pleased to provide you with further information on diameters and lengths on request.

Round material made in the United States1)

Diameter: 9.5-305 mm (0.375-12 inches)

Length 2,130-10,060 mm (7-33 feet)

Delivery condition: forged, rolled, heat-treated, de-scaled or ground

Rectangular material made in the United States1)

Thickness: 7-67 mm (0.281-2.625 inches)

Width: 13-114 mm (0.5-4.5 inches)

1) VDM Metals USA produces alloys including the following: VDM® Alloy 25, VDM® Alloy 188, VDM® Alloy 600, VDM® Alloy 617, VDM® Alloy 625, VDM® Alloy 718, VDM® Alloy 722, VDM® Alloy 901, VDM® Alloy C-263, VDM® Alloy X, VDM® Alloy X-750, VDM® Alloy C-276, René 41 (Trademark of General Electric), Waspaloy (Trademark of United Technologies Corp.)

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Quality control

Bars and billets made by VDM Metals pass through especially stringent quality control. At a very early stage, we established quality assurance as the overriding principle and developed it into a quality management system with in-process checks and inspections. This is closely linked to our continuous improvement processes for optimising all operating procedures.