Medical engineering

Medical engineering

Medical engineering

VDM Metals' iron, nickel and cobalt alloys are sought-after materials in medical engineering technology and in the design of medical examination equipment because of their special properties.


VDM materials have many different fields of application:

  • Rods and strip sheets made of VDM® Alloy 42 and VDM® Alloy 29-18, for example, are processed into deep-drawn parts with applications in MRI scanners or X-ray equipment.
  • Surgical instruments are made of VDM® Alloy 316 LN.
  • Alloys such as VDM® MAG 50 or VDM® MAG 7904 are suitable for magnetic shielding.
  • VDM® Powder CoCr MP1 is intended for the additive manufacturing of medical implants and prostheses.

Following are some alloys typically used in medical applications:

  • VDM® Alloy 42 (1.3917/UNS K94200)
  • VDM® Alloy 29-18 (1.3981/UNS K94610)

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