Hydraulics and axial piston pumps

Axial piston pumps are capable of producing consistently high and uniform pressures. The hydraulic power generated in this way is optimal for use in mobile machinery since it results in smooth, even movements, even from a standstill and under full load. At the same time, it is possible to transmit high forces and high outputs despite the small size of the pumps, which is an important factor in drive machinery and motors.

Know-how in hydraulics

The VDM Engineered Solutions department is specialized in the development and design of parts made of brass and specialty brass for axial piston pumps - from the control plate (material, surface, holes and slits) to the bushings (optimal frictional properties and holes for a long service life), from piston sliding blocks to bearing shells and sliding bearings for long and uninterrupted operation.

Typical examples of the use of axial piston pumps include construction machinery such as excavators, forklifts and the hydraulic systems in cranes, machine tools and agricultural or forestry machinery.

The following are alloys typically used in Hydraulics and axial piston pumps

  • VDM® Aeterna® VL22 3830
  • VDM® Aeterna® 2805
  • VDM® Aeterna® HLZ 3740
  • VDM® Aeterna® VL22 3831
  • VDM® Aeterna® 3838
  • VDM® Aeterna® HLS 3805

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