Cuponal - the multifunctional alternative to full copper

Cuponal - the multifunctional alternative to full copper


Cuponal is a copper-clad aluminium bimetal. The hydrostatic pressing process connects the electrically transmitting aluminium core inseparably with a seamless outer layer of highly conductive copper. VDM EnSo is the exclusive sales partner for Cuponal. As a result, VDM EnSo is the only supplier of this proven material in the German-speaking countries and is your contact in the Benelux countries. We also supply the material in France and Taiwan.


Cuponal ist eine gute Alternative für Standard-Kupferschienen

Applications of Cuponal

In the electronics industry and electrical engineering, the material is used in many ways, for example as an electrical connection in busbars, busbar trunking systems, in switch cabinets, switchgear, rectifiers and distributors. In railway technology it is used, for example, in traction systems, in wagon construction as a connecting element and as a protective conductor. In the automotive industry, it has become essential for electromobility, for example in motors and control centres. Cuponal is also used as a lightning conductor in buildings.

Cuponal provides many benefits

Economic efficiency

Due to the material relation of the massive aluminium core to the thinner outer layer of copper, Cuponal offers great economic advantages: the high proportion of aluminium already offers a high cost saving compared to a full copper product through the raw material price itself. The lower proportion of copper in the composite material results in an additional price advantage. This means that planning costs can be better calculated and storage costs of the finished half-finished product can be reduced significantly.

Material advantage

Despite the required higher cross-sectional area, Cuponal products are lighter than full copper products with the same electrical conductivity. An equal replacement of the previous components would be given.


Cuponal has very good workability. The material can be processed optimally by drilling, bending, punching, cutting, etc. similar to busbars made of pure copper.


Cuponal has proven itself as a multifunctional material in the electronics industry and is internationally certified by different institutes.

Product Portfolio

The material Cuponal is offered in profile form, as rod and as wire.

As standard, we offer Cuponal as round-edged profile and sharp-edged profile in the following dimensions:

  • Standard length: 4,000 m
  • Maximum length: 6,000 mm
  • Width range: 10-120 mm
  • Thickness range: 3-15 mm
  • Diameter: up to 40 mm
  • Area range: 20-1260 mm2

We offer D and L profiles as special shapes. Furthermore, we can also manufacture other profile shapes on customer request. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your special requirements.

Cuponal is available as rod in different dimensions up to a diameter of 40 mm. As wire, we offer Cuponal in diameters of 2 - 8, 10, 12 mm as standard sizes. Other dimensions as well as fine wires can also be produced on customer request. We look forward to your enquiry.

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