VDM® Alloy K-500 (2.4375/N05500)

VDM® Alloy K-500 is a nickel-copper alloy that can be age-hardened due to additions of aluminum and titanium. It stands out for its corrosion resistance and high strength even at elevated temperature.

Characteristics of VDM® Alloy K-500

The alloy is non-magnetic. VDM® Alloy K-500 (2.4375/N05500) is available in cold or hot-formed condition or with subsequent heat treatment in solution-annealed or age-hardened condition.

VDM® Alloy K-500 is characterized by:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance in many applications of offshore engineering and the chemical process industry

Applications of VDM® Alloy K-500

VDM® Alloy K-500 is used in sea water, offshore engineering, in the chemical process and petrochemicals industry and shipbuilding. 

Typical applications are:

  • Valve seals, pump sleeves and wearing rings in sea water
  • Pump shafts and propeller shafts
  • Mounting elements/fasteners, e.g. bolts in sea air and splash water zones
  • Tug rope armoring
  • Springs
  • Components of drilling equipment in the oil industry
  • Aircraft instrument components

Available product forms

You will find a detailed list about available product forms and sizes of VDM® Alloy K-500 (2.4375/N05500) in our data sheet. 

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