VDM® Alloy 825 (2.4858/N08825)

VDM® Alloy 825 is a titanium-stabilized fully austenitic nickel-iron-chromium alloy with additions of copper and molybdenum. It is approved for pressure vessels.

Characteristics of VDM® Alloy 825

VDM® Alloy 825 (2.4858/N08825) is characterized by: 

  • High resistance to chloride-induced stress corrosion 
  • Good resistance to chloride-induced pitting and crevice corrosion 
  • Good resistance to oxidizing and non-oxidizing hot acids 

Applications of VDM® Alloy 825

VDM® Alloy 825 is used in the oil and gas industry and in a wide variety of chemical processes. Typical application fields include:

  • Pipes, tubes and fittings in the oil and gas extraction, e. g. in heat exchangers, evaporators, washers, immer- sion pipes in sea water cooled heat exchangers, offshore piping 
  • Components in sulfuric acid pickling plants like heating coils, vessels, boilers, baskets and chains 
  • Heat exchangers, evaporators, washers, immersion pipes in phosphoric acid production 
  • Food industry 

Available product forms

You will find a detailed list about available product forms and sizes of VDM® Alloy 825 (2.4858/N08825) in our data sheet. 

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