VDM® Alloy 601 (2.4851/N06601)

VDM® Alloy 601 is a nickel-chromium-iron alloy with additions of aluminum and titanium. This alloy is specifically recommended for service above 550 °C (1,022 °F) because of its higher creep-rupture properties resulting from its controlled carbon content and coarse grain size.

Characteristics of VDM® Alloy 601

VDM® Alloy 601 (2.4851/N06601) is characterized by:

  • Outstanding resistance to oxidation at high temperatures
  • Good resistance to carburizing conditions

Applications of VDM® Alloy 601

VDM® Alloy 601 has found a wide variety of applications in high temperature areas in furnace construction, the chemical industry, in environmental protection facilities, in the automobile industry and in power plants. Typical applications are:

  • Trays, baskets and fixtures for heat treatment plants, e. g. in carburizing or carbonitriding environments
  • Refractory anchors, strand-annealing and radiant heater tubes, high-velocity gas burners, wire mesh belts in industrial furnaces
  • Isolating inserts in ammonia crackers and catalyst support grids in nitric acid production
  • High temperature components in automotive parts, e. g. manifolds, glow plug tubes or sensor caps
  • Combustion chambers in solid waste incinerators
  • Tube supports and ash-handling components
  • Components in exhaust gas systems
  • Oxygen preheaters

Available product forms

You will find a detailed list about available product forms and sizes of VDM® Alloy 601 (2.4851/N06601) in our data sheet. 

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