VDM® Alloy 400 (2.4360/N04400)

VDM® Alloy 400 is a single-phase, solid solution, nickel-copper alloy with excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of corrosive media.

Characteristics of VDM® Alloy 400

VDM®Alloy 400 (2.4360/N04400) is characterized by:

  • resistance against chloride-induced stress corrosion
  • excellent strength even at low application temperatures
  • easy processing compared to other high-alloy materials

Applications of VDM® Alloy 400

Common applications of VDM® Alloy 400 are:  

  • Feedwater and steam generator tubes in power plants 
  • Brine heater and recompression evaporator in saltworks 
  • Sulfuric and hydrofluoric acid alkylation 
  • Heat exchangers in the chemical industry 
  • Plating components for mineral oil distillation plants 
  • Splash zone lining on offshore platforms 
  • Impellers and pump shafts in marine technology 
  • Refining plants for the production of nuclear fuel 
  • Pumps and valves in production lines for tetrachlorethylene (perchlorethylene) and chlorinated plastics 
  • Heating tubes for monoethanolamine (MEA)
  • Sour-gas resistant components for oil and gas production

Available product forms

You will find a detailed list about available product forms and sizes of VDM® Alloy 400 (2.4360/N04400) in our data sheet.

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