Strip, sheet, wire, rods and bars made by VDM Metals are indispensable to many automotive components. VDM Metals manufactures high-alloy materials that withstand extreme corrosion and high-temperature stress while simultaneously offering high strength. Through this we contribute in ways that enable innovative solutions for drive and exhaust systems to enter mass production.

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Materials with many different possible uses

Our materials have applications in engine valves, exhaust systems and turbochargers, electronic components, supplementary heating, lambda sensors or in airbags. Nearly all spark plug manufacturers use round and flat wire electrodes manufactured by VDM Metals.

The following are alloys typically used in automotive manufacturing:

  • VDM® Aluchrom 4 18 Y Hf (1.4737)
  • VDM® Aluchrom Y Hf (1.4767)
  • VDM® MAG 50 (1.3922/UNS K94840)
  • VDM® NiCr2Mn (2.4145)

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When the sensors abruptly ignite the airbag capsule in a car crash, a temperature of about 2,500 °C (4,532 °F) is produced within milliseconds. The gas generator contains a so called bursting disk. This bursting disk carcks up/bursts at a defined pressure and is made of VDM® Alloy 625, a material which withstands the corrosive loads of the gas mixture as well as high temperatures.

Steering wheel

Exhaust gas systems and turbochargers

The trend of ever more powerful engines with small displacement (downsizing) has resulted in high temperatures in exhaust gases. That has led to tougher requirements for the materials used. One multipurpose material is VDM® Alloy 601. For exhaust manifolds, VDM® Alloy 40 B, which fills the gap between special stainless steels and classical nickel alloys,  can alternetively be used. Suitable materials for the production of turbocharger gaskets, for example, are VDM® Alloy 718 or VDM® Alloy C-263.


Catalytic converters

The inside of a catalytic converter must have the maximum possible surface area in many cells and channels for effective cleaning of the exhaust gases. Ceramic is normally used as the holding material on which the catalyzing substance is then applied. The alternative from VDM Metals is known as VDM® Aluchrom YHf – a material produced in wafer-thin film with a thickness of 0.03 millimeters (0.002 inches).


Valve stems are produced from VDM® Alloy 80 A and VDM® Alloy 751.

Valve rods

Fuel injection systems

In fuel injection systems, VDM® Alloy 36 is used in the housing of the ceramic piezosticks, as this alloy has well-attuned expansion characteristics.

Spark plugs, glow plugs and lambda sensors

Almost all manufacturers of spark plugs use electrodes made of round or flat wire that VDM Metals produces from VDM® NiCr2Mn or VDM® Alloy 600 L. Manufacturing of glow plugs and lambda sensors is reliant on strip of materials such as VDM® Alloy 601 and VDM Alloy 602 CA®.

Spark plugs

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