Nothing is going to fly without nickel and titanium

Nothing is going to fly without nickel and titanium

Material properties demands of the aerospace industry are particularly high.

We develop materials for the future

We develop materials for the future

We develop optimum solutions for specific industry requirements in collaboration with our customers.

Corrosion doesn't stand a chance

Corrosion doesn't stand a chance

VDM Metals offers a broad product range of materials for the chemical industry.

Our product range: Materials for all applications

High-performance materials by VDM Metals are used in many of today's key technologies for large-scale implementation and safe handling of corrosive and high-temperature processes and procedures.

Nickel, titanium and much more

Nickel, titanium, cobalt and zirconium materials and a wide range of special stainless steels, all that and more can be found in the VDM Metals product portfolio. Immerse yourself into our world and find out what makes our materials so special!


Materials for the future

Alloys by VDM Metals

Alloy 36, Alloy 625, Alloy 718 or Alloy 825 – each one of our alloys is characterized by a unique combination of properties. Are you in need of a material with special physical, corrosion resistant or mechanical properties? Contact us – we can help you to identify the most suitable materials and answer any questions you may have about processing our products.

Worldwide, timely and reliable

The service offerings of VDM Metals' Service Centers

Reliable delivery of small quantities at short notice around the globe – this encapsulates the challenge of our Service Centers. Learn more about the materials and types of products that we stock and which add-on options we are able to offer at our individual locations.

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