Powder for Additive Manufacturing flow properties

Powder for Additive Manufacturing

As modern production methods, generative manufacturing processes are part and parcel of industry nowadays. This requires high quality materials as powder. Our product portfolio comprises cobalt-chrome alloys, corrosion resistant alloys, superalloys and special stainless steels. Superalloys are used in the aerospace industries, corrosion resistant nickel alloys are used in the chemical process or consumer goods industries and cobalt chrome alloys are found in the production of dental or other medical implants. Our powder materials are characterized by its purity, reliability and longevity. Thanks to our sophisticated production process, we can offer a wide variety of particle sizes and particle size distributions for our customers.

Powder Production VIGA

Powder Production

The powder is produced in a standardized production process. A vacuum inert gas atomization plant (VIGA) forms the core of the powder manufacturing facility. This plant is made up of a vacuum induction melting furnace (VIM) and the atomization unit, which comprises an atomization zone and powder tower as well as a cyclone connected to this with a powder collecting tank. In the plant the high-purity powder is produced by means of vacuum induction melting and inert gas atomization. The individual steps of the powder production are precisely coordinated to each other, as they affect the composition and purity of the powder. The entire process occurs in vacuum and inert gas conditions, so as to ensure as high a purity as possible.


Our Produktportfolio

We offer the following powder materials for Additive Manufacturing:

Material Designation


VDM® Powder 718N077182.4668SuperalloyAerospace Industry,
Oil and Gas Industry
VDM® Powder 625N066252.4856Corrosion resistant alloy
VDM® Powder C-276N102762.4819Corrosion resistant alloy
VDM® Powder 59N060592.4605Corrosion resistant alloyChemical Process Industry and consumer goods
VDM® Powder 31N080311.4562Corrosion resistant alloyChemical Process Industry and consumer goods
VDM® Powder 926 LN089261.4529Special stainless steelChemical Process Industry and concumer goods
VDM® Powder 316 LS31673-Special stainless steelIndustry
VDM® Powder CoCr Mp1R31538-Cobalt-chrome-alloyDental and medical implants
VDM® Powder 6 BR30006-Cobalt-chrome-alloy

Chemische Prozessindustrie


This list shows an overview of material samples. If you need materials which are not listed, please get in touch with us. Together with our customers we develop powder materials for Additive Manufacturing.

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