VDM Metals restructures its organization

VDM Metals restructures its organization, increasing the transparency of internal processes. Therefore all market and production related activities will be legally separated and bundled under the already existing Holding which in return will be strengthened. The new company structure will be implemented on 1 June 2016.

1.  June  2016

In future there will be VDM Metals Holding GmbH, VDM Metals International GmbH and VDM Metals GmbH. Together with the foreign VDM subsidiaries the three companies will form the VDM Metals Group. Effective 1 June 2016 and applying German Conversion Law, several departments of VDM Metals GmbH were transferred to VDM Metals International GmbH and in parts subsequently transferred to VDM Metals Holding GmbH.

The VDM Metals Group with its joint activities will continue all business activities of VDM Metals GmbH.

VDM Metals Holding GmbH will comprise the corporate divisions Legal, Auditing, Finance & Controlling, IT, Human Resources and Purchasing.

VDM Metals International GmbH will bundle Metals Purchasing and Trading, Research & Development as well as all Sales activities of the VDM Metals Group including Semi-Finished Products and Systems and the Service Centers. Additionally VDM Metals International GmbH will comprise Supply Chain Management and Quality Management.

Production and production related corporate divisions will remain with VDM Metals GmbH. The three companies remain headquartered in Werdohl, Germany.

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