VDM Metals Group publishes Mission Statement

The VDM Metals Group has introduced a new mission statement. By 2020 the Group wants to be the most attractive global provider of solutions, products and services in the world of high performance metallic materials.

20.  December  2016

With the introduction of the mission statement, the world market leader for nickel alloys and special stainless steels has set itself a clear goal, which all business units strive to achieve. "The new VDM Metals Mission Statement consists of our Vision 2020, Mission, Strategy and Culture. Of special significance in this regard is the Vision, as the uppermost objective we as a company have: In 2020, we want to be the most attractive global provider of solutions, products and services in the world of metallic high performance alloys," explains Dr. Niclas Müller, President and CEO.

"Our customers are to benefit especially from the realization of this vision. Our aim is to provide high-quality materials on time and reliably, to offer a customer-oriented material portfolio, the best service and of course an attractive price-performance Ratio," says Dr. Müller. This claim is underpinned, among other things, by a package of measures to increase efficiency, which has been implemented since the takeover by Linsay Goldberg. Furthermore, the Group has recently launched an extensive investment package to be implemented in the coming months.

In addition to the customers, the new mission statement also targets the employees of the Werdohl-based (Germany) Group. Only with colleagues on board, who pursue their work with joy and passion, one can achieve the common goal and succeed as a strong company in the long term, according to Dr. Müller.

The concept was presented for the first time at the Works Meeting in Altena (Germany) on 5 September. "Now that we have successively informed all employees with a comprehensive communication campaign, we would also like to show all external partners what we stand for," says Dr. Müller.

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