Outokumpu VDM now operating under the name of VDM Metals

VDM returned to the ThyssenKrupp Group on March 1, 2014. Following entry in the Commercial Register of the Local Court in Iserlohn, Germany, Outokumpu VDM GmbH will be operating under the name of VDM Metals GmbH as of now.

14.  April  2014

"The second part of our name, Metals, establishes a clear reference to the metal industry, while the first part underlines our origin," says Dr. Jürgen Olbrich, Chairman of the Management Board of VDM Metals.

"VDM stands for Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke – United German Metal Works. In the course of more than the last 80 years, our company has developed into the most important supplier of nickel alloys. Since the takeover of ThyssenKrupp Titanium, we have been one of the big players in the market for high-performance materials. But we have always been and will remain deeply rooted in our home region. The VDM brand enjoys a high recognition value internationally and is synonymous with high-grade corrosion and heat resistant high-performance materials."

Apart from the name, nothing will change for the customers of the producer of nickel alloys, special stainless steels and semi-finished products in zirconium and titanium, Olbrich emphasizes: "Our employees will remain your competent contacts. Similarly, all the key production steps will still take place at our plants in Werdohl, Unna, Essen, Altena and Siegen, all Germany, and at our two plants in the USA."

For the Werdohl-based company's subsidiaries outside Germany, the name of their country will be added to "VDM Metals". As a manufacturer of high-performance metallic materials, VDM Metals will thus continue to operate in the market as a legally independent entity. Within the ThyssenKrupp Group, the company is part of the Business Area Materials Services.

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