AchemAsia 2016: Asia offers many opportunities

VDM Metals, one of the world’s leading producers of corrosion and high-temperature resistant nickel alloys and special stainless steels, will participate in this year’s AchemAsia. The trade show will take place from 9 to 12 May 2016 at CNCC, the China National Convention Center in Beijing. On 11 May, VDM will host a workshop focusing on “Nickel Alloys and Zirconium in the Chemical Process Industry”. VDM Metals can be found at booth #O36.

25.  April  2016

“Asia is an important market for us. Besides our branch in China, we have been operating a Service Center since 2008, which has recently moved from Guangzhou to Shanghai. Customers can rely on the local expertise from our technical and commercial staff. Furthermore, we have branches in Japan and South Korea and local agents in various other South and Southeast Asian countries,” explains Stefan Claus, Senior Vice President Sales at VDM Metals.  

According to VDM Metals, two trends could be witnessed in the Asian market over the past years. One trend is the increase of efficiency in industrial production. “The demands on process parameters have steadily increased,” says Mr. Claus. This has led to higher operating temperatures and pressures that can only be safely managed through the use of high-alloyed materials.

Environmental protection through Flue Gas Desulfurization

The second trend is the increasing importance of environmental protection. When burning black and brown coal in power plants, for example, chlorides and other compounds are released, which lead to the formation of contaminated sulfur oxides. To minimize sulfur dioxide emissions, the gases can be cleaned in flue gas desulfurization plants (FGD=Flue Gas Desulfurization), frequently in a wet scrub, with a limestone suspension or sea water.

“In Europe, desulfurization of black and brown coal power plants has already started in the 1980s. Since then, SO2 emissions have been reduced by more than 90 per cent, which has led to a significant improvement in air quality, especially in industrial metropolitan areas. Whilst virtually all power plants are equipped with the corresponding flue gas desulfurization equipment in Central Europe today, extensive desulfurization has only just started in countries such as China,” says Mr. Claus.

Both developments are seen as huge opportunities for the company’s business, as VDM Metals is one of the leading producers of high-performing metallic materials for the use in chemical process engineering.

Optimum materials solutions for challenging tasks

VDM's comprehensive portfolio of alloys – including VDM Alloy 31 Plus®, VDM® Alloy 2120 MoN, VDM® Alloy 59 or VDM® Alloy 625 – supports optimum solutions for the challenging tasks of the following applications: oil refining, production of phosphoric and superphosphoric acids, phosphate fertilizer, contact with oxidizing and reducing media, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, chlorine, caustic soda, salt production, vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) production for plastics, synthesis of organic compounds or production of paper and pulp.

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