Semi-finished aluminum and copper products

Semi-finished aluminum and copper products

Semi-finished aluminum and copper products

The Semis and Systems division organizes the worldwide sales and distribution of special products in aluminium and aluminium alloys as well as copper and copper alloys.

We also supply cathodes for zinc electrolysis complete with all the necessary special parts such as U contacts, cathode stripping aids and current rails.

Semi-finished products made from aluminum and aluminum alloys, high strength aluminum and high-purity aluminum.

  • Bars and profiles
  • Cast and forged plates
  • Sheet metal
  • Highly polished circular blanks
  • Wide band
  • Wire rod

The typical alloys are Cathodal® and Formadur®.

Semi-finished products made from copper and copper alloys, bronze, brass and specialty brass

  • Bars and profiles
  • Pipes
  • Band

Common alloys are

  • Aeterna® VL22 (specialty brass)
  • Aeterna® HLS (specialty brass)
  • Aeterna® HLZ (specialty brass)
  • Kuprodur® (CuNiSi)
  • Cuponal® (copper aluminum)

Castings and forgings made of aluminum or aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys

  • Forging blank or cast
  • Raw workpiece or finished

Specialty parts for overhead line construction made of Kuprodur® or of stainless steel

  • U-bolts and cross-span wires
  • Stamped bent part or drop-forged parts
  • Castings and forged parts made from gray iron or cast steel for the refractory industry

Systems engineering

  • Cathodes for zinc plating electrolysis

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