Environment and energy

For VDM Metals, environmentally and energy-oriented company management is not just a contribution towards environment protection and the conservation of resources, but it is also a means of helping the company to thrive in the long term.

Environment and energy

VDM Metals endeavors to prevent the company from causing harm to the environment. Where harmful environmental incidents occur, potential harm to the environment is kept to a minimum with safety precautions.This also includes cooperation with the competent authorities in a spirit of trust.

In particular, to reduce water and air pollution at all its locations, VDM Metals conducts cost-benefit analyses to identify the best available methods and techniques for this purpose. The same applies to energy consumption.

The limits specified by statutory regulations are treated as minimum requirements. In connection with ongoing improvement of in-plant environmental protection, the company aspires to higher standards of environmental protection. In this context, both existing and future processes, products and other activities are considered with a view to their potential for reducing environmental impacts and conserving resources.

To ensure continuous improvement in our corporate objectives regarding environmental protection, the environmental and energy management system is reviewed at regular intervals and adjusted as required.

We are aiming to reduce energy consumption in the long term, use energy sparingly and enhance our energy efficiency in a continuous improvement process.

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