Local Member of the European Parliament visits VDM Metals

At the invitation of the Group Works Council of the VDM Metals Group, Prof. Dr. Dietmar Köster, Member of the European Parliament, visited the Unna site of the world market leader for nickel alloys and special stainless steels on 9 May. In addition to an exchange on general political and industry-specific topics, a tour of the melting plant was part of the agenda.

13.  May  2019

Dr. Niclas Müller, Chairman of the Management Board, took the opportunity to present the company and the latest developments. Using the example of flue gas desulphurisation plants for ocean shipping, he explained how the VDM alloys produced in Unna ensure that exhaust gases are purified and thus scrubber-equipped vessels comply with international environmental standards. Furthermore he stressed that the site has been strengthened in recent months by investing several million euros in a powder production plant, among other things. "As an innovation-driven, but also energy-intensive company, VDM Metals is dependent on competitive framework conditions in global competition," summarised Dr. Müller. A clearly formulated and consistently implemented European industrial policy is the prerequisite for this.

All participants agreed that a strong democratic Europe was needed. Group Works Council Chairman Gerd Bendiks emphasised the importance of the exchange between employee representatives, employers and political decision-makers. Many decisions, whether made in Brussels or Berlin, have a direct influence on local people and companies.

Prof. Dr. Köster explained: "VDM Metals shows how strong works councils and good regional collective agreements as well as co-determination in the Group make a decisive contribution to innovation and economic success. The company's idea management is an exciting example of the high level of competence and innovative strength of its employees."

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