VDM Metals to present powder portfolio at Rapid + TCT

VDM Metals, one of the world’s leading producers of corrosion and high-temperature resistant nickel alloys and special stainless steels, will attend the Rapid & TCT exposition 2019 at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan. Visit us from 20 to 23 May at booth no. 1757.

16.  Mai  2019

The company will present its widely ranged powder portfolio for Additive Manufacturing for the use in different industries. Amongst the company’s latest alloy developments are in particular VDM® Alloy 699 XA and VDM® Alloy 780 which are available as powder now.

VDM® Alloy 699 XA is specifically designed for the use in metal dusting environments. Metal dusting is a type of corrosion in hydrogen and carbon monoxide containing gases with low oxygen content, which leads to the decomposition of metal into carbon and metallic particles. Next to nickel, the alloy contains chromium and aluminum. During tests, the conventionally manufactured material showed a remarkable longer time to first pit in comparison to many other high-temperature alloys. During the further development, the characteristics have been translated into the composition for powder. In this form, VDM® Powder 699 XA will be used for the production of complex components or spare parts in the petrochemical and Chemical Process Industry.

Another milestone in the powder product portfolio is VDM® Alloy 780. It is the powder variant of an age-hardenable nickel-cobalt-chromium alloy. Hardenability is achieved by means of admixtures of niobium, titanium and aluminum. The alloy can be used – amongst others – in turbine construction. Originally this alloy was developed for static and rotating components in aircraft turbines as housings, mountings and turbine disks. Other applications are static and rotating components in stationary gas turbines, rocket drives and space craft, motor vehicle turbo chargers, high-end screws, springs and mounting elements. Additionally it can be used for heat-resistant tools in forgeries, extruders and separating shearers.

The company’s product portfolio comprises different cobalt-chrome alloys, corrosion resistant alloys, superalloys and special stainless steels. The products are applied in different industrial branches, like the aforementioned special heavy industries as well as consumer goods or medical implants industries. All powder materials are characterized by its purity, reliability and longevity. Thanks to our sophisticated production process, we can offer a wide variety of particle sizes and particle size distributions for our customers. Together with customers we develop new powder alloys for their specific demands.

VDM Metals has invested several millions in the set up of its powder production and development processes during the last years. Powders are manufactured at VDM Metals’ Vacuum Inert Gas Atomization plant in Unna, Germany.

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