VDM Metals was exhibiting at Paris Air Show 2017

The VDM Metals Group participated at Paris Air Show 2017 in Le Bourget, Paris, France.


About Paris Air Show

The 52nd show will take place at the Le Bourget Parc des Expositions from 19 to 25 June 2017, and once again will bring together all the players in this global industry around the latest technological innovations. The first four days of the Show will be reserved for trade visitors, followed by three days open to the general public. 

The Show history, a few key dates

The International Paris Air Show will be staging its 51st edition. This event, over a hundred years old, is the largest and longest-running aerospace trade show in the world. Since its launch, the Show has been at the very heart of developments in the global aerospace market, for which it has become the most important meeting place over the years. Open to professionals and the general public alike, it inspires a large number of vocations.

You'll find VDM Metals Group in Chalet 28 in Row C. Schedule a meeting! We are looking forward to meeting you.

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plane from below

Nothing is going to fly without nickel

Nickel alloys are among the toughest structural materials known. One classical application field is the use in turbine blades. Due to their strength and corrosion resistance, nickel alloys are furthermore used for various fuselage applica- tions - e. g. structural parts and fasteners. Even in composite mold tooling, our alloys are used to take advantage of their low thermal expansion features.

Investments in equipment and capabilities

Aerospace projects are characterized by high standards in terms of safety and reliability. Our customers expect professional partners with know-how and expertise. For several years, VDM Metals has pursued an extensive investment program geared towards modernizing and expanding its production facilities so as to maintain its leading position in the high performance alloys market while stepping up its activities in the aerospace engineering sector.

Commonly used aerospace alloys:

  • VDM® Alloy 75 (2.4951/UNS N06075)
  • VDM® Alloy 188 (2.4683/UNS R30188)
  • VDM® Alloy 400 (2.4360/UNS N04400)
  • VDM® Alloy 600 (2.4816/UNS N06600)
  • VDM® Alloy 718 (2.4668/UNS N07718)
  • VDM® Alloy X (2.4665/UNS N06002)
  • VDM® Alloy X-750 ( 2.4669/UNS N07750)