Service Center Europe

VDM Metals Service Center Europe in Werdohl is able to offer a comprehensive range of services and a wide range of add-on work options at their manufacturing plant of approximately 7000 m². The portfolio includes heating element wires, welding fillers, sheet metal blanks and rods of nickel and special stainless steels.

The service portfolio of our European Service Center includes:

  • A versatile and comprehensive selection of materials - available quickly and at short notice
  • Delivery of small quantities
  • Cuts of sheet metal, also with more complex forms and with individually processed (laser and waterjet cutting)
  • Cutting of rods and billets
  • Consultations with our application engineers regarding the optimum use of materials
  • Package deals
  • Material certificates

If you need further materials and dimensions, we offer you the possibility of custom producing these especially for you. These will then be packaged, stored as required in the Service Center and dispatched in partial shipments.

Current metal surcharges for heat conducting and resistance alloys

Metal market prices for incoming orders as of 1st June 2017: 




prev. month
VDM® Alloy HT 80 NiCr 80 202.48698,41 €8,91 €
VDM® Alloy HT 70NiCr 70 302.46587,71 €8,15 €
VDM® Alloy HT 60 NiCr 60 152.48676,46 €6,83 €
VDM® Alloy HT 30 NiCr 30 201.4860

3,91 €

4,10 €
VDM® Alloy HT 25 CrNi 25 201.48433,12 €3,24 €
VDM Konstantan®CuNi 442.0842

7,92 €

8,30 €

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