VDM Metals Japan celebrates its 30th anniversary at Metal Japan 2017

Celebrate with VDM Metals Japan K.K. at the 4th Metal Japan from April 5 until April 7 in Tokyo the 30th anniversary. The Japan office of VDM Metals was opened on February 2 1987 

You'll find us at booth 12-24 in hall East, Tokyo Bright Sight.

30 years - Japan Metal K.K.

VDM has been represented with a foreign organization in the Japanese mega city of Tokyo since February 1987. From this location, the team of six today serves the Japanese market with nickel alloys but also with products from HaSy, such as semifinished aluminum products for zinc electrolysis. Now the foreign organization is celebrating its 30-year anniversary.

"We are not going to have a big celebration," says Eduard Gabric, who has been the CEO of VDM Metals Japan since 2015. "Much rather, we would like to draw attention to our 30-year anniversary at the Metal Japan trade fair in April. There, we are in a much better position to demonstrate to our customers and interested third parties that we have been a reliable partner for 30 years, and that this will also remain unchanged in future."

 The anniversary is also a good occasion to look back: we are very proud to have been represented successfully on the Japanese market since 1987, says Gabric. "A special milestone, however, was also the award as an A-supplier by the spark plugs and lambda probes manufacturer NGK," Gabric continues. In 2014, within the context of the award ceremony and as one of only a handful of suppliers to have attained the top grade, VDM was awarded the "Best Partner" title by NGK.

About Metal Japan

The Metal Japan trade fair is beeing held for the fourth consecutive time and is meanwhile seen as the biggest show for the metal industry in Japan  - and VDM Metal Japan K.K. is part of it since the very beginning. The focus of the show lies on the processing industry and connects people from various branches such as the electronics, the automotive and the aerospace industy.  

You'll find VDM Metals Japan K.K at booth 12-24 in hall East. Schedule a meeting! We are looking forward to meeting you.

The entrance to the show is free of charge, just register online before the show.


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